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Established in 2006, Dragonflyvans has set the gold standard in VW camper rentals. Owner Scott Quinnett has a lifetime (30+ years) of dedication to and experience with these vehicles. Between this familiarity and positioning Dragonflyvans in the heart of "The Last Best Place" (W. Kittredge), Montana, it's a perfect match for a fantastic adventure.

Dragonflyvans campers are set up and equipped perfectly for our part of the world leaving nothing for our clients to consider, or worry about, other than their clothes and a good time.
Our vans are based at the Missoula International Airport and couldn't be more convenient from "airplane to camper." There is no better way to "get away" than a camping trip with Dragonflyvans in Montana.

Westfalia Van Rentals in Montana


“What an outstanding experience! The van was immaculate, performed well, had everything we needed, and was a joy to drive. We can't wait to return and rent from Dragonflyvans again.”

                                                    Shannon M.

“I'd driven VWs for years and was excited to find Dragonflyvans. Everything was better than expected. Loved all the looks and compliments we received on the road. Thanks for a great week.”

                                                            Tien L.



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