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Be a Traveler, not a Tourist.

It’s easy. The most popular camping vans ever manufactured are now available for rent. Go green and see Western Montana, North Idaho, Glacier National Park, as well as Waterton Park, Canada, in a customized Dragonflyvan.


These classic Vanagon Campers have been completely refurbished and are in top mechanical condition. Most rental vans are "bone stock" and include no or inferior camping gear, stereo systems, or other amenities to make a good camp out a great one. Dragonflyvans is the exception!


Compared to others, Dragonflyvans are 4-star, customized classic Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia Wolfsburg Edition Weekenders, fully outfitted to provide the customer a deluxe, hassle free, environmentally friendly way to get into the Great Outdoors.


Compared to buying, owning, licensing, insuring and storing any other wheeled RV with inside sleeping and dining, renting a Dragonflyvans camper leaves the smallest carbon footprint possible at the lowest possible cost to our environment.

Having been in business for more than 10 years, with returning clients every year, we know we've set the bar for others to follow. We believe, as well as our clients, that we have the best product in one of the best places on earth to make it available. The combination of the Volkswagen Westfalia camper and the heart of the Northern Rocky Mountains is a match made in heaven.




Scott Quinnett, owner/van wrangler


Scott has been driving VWs since he was able to drive. Growing up, he realized VW Vanagons were his favorite way to experience the outdoors and his favorite past-times of snowboarding and surfing – everywhere from Alaska to Baja, Mexico.


He was a professional VW mechanic before becoming a husband and father, and started dreaming up Dragonflyvans in 1998 to share his love of Vanagons with the public. His knowledge of, and passion for, VWs ensures you will have an exceptional Westfalia adventure.


As Scott says, "It's a no-miss, positive experience... rolling tree forts are a good idea for any age."




Westfalia Van Rentals in Montana
Scott Quinnett, owner of Dragonflyvans

  W e s t e r n    M o n t a n a

W e s t f a l i a   V a n   R e n t a l s

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