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Dragonflyvans had a customer in 2011 who helped us define what 'unacceptable return condition' looks like. Not only did this customer grind and argue about our rental policies and pricing both coming and going, he also elected to disconnect the speedometer cable (a felony) in order to save himself some money on the mileage-overage charges, somehow he was able to travel from our headquarters in Coeur d'Alene, ID, to Fernie, BC, then to Banff/Jasper, BC, and back to Coeur d'Alene, ID, only having put 28 miles on the van. (?!)

Westfalia Van Rentals in Montana
Westfalia Van Rentals in Montana
Westfalia Van Rentals in Montana
Westfalia Van Rentals in Montana

With the speedometer functioning perfectly when the van left and perfectly for the following three customers that season, it was a red flag. Using Google maps, I made an estimate of how many miles the van was driven – about 800, give or take a few. This customer didn't say a word about the speedo not working as he again argued about our rental policy while dropping off the van in an utter mess of condition.


I have driven Vanagons for more than 20 years and have been off-roading four-wheel-drive Vanagons for the last 10. I know exactly what dirty roads can do, I also know what 'dipping' the front of a van in a mudhole looks like: filling up the front step wells with muddy water inside the van (photo 1 at left). He also carried fish or soil in our bedding storage bags (photo 2), got dirt and gravel on top of the motor compartment inside the van (photo 3), left "roll your own" cigarette smells and debris, got weeds rammed in the underbody, stretched the throttle cable, ground food in the carpets (photo 4), etc., and didn't bother to lift a finger to make the van remotely right before dropping if off. (I'd hate to see his house.)


The images on the left are all considered 'Not Acceptable.' I do realize these are judgement calls, and for some this might look acceptable, however they are not at Dragonflyvans and all others we called in to have a look before we cleaned it up. These people used and abused this van and had no concern or consideration for the classic 25+ year-old irreplaceable vehicle they were in. They armed themselves with language like "it's a rental" and "I'm getting my money's worth," then treated it as such. In the entire time I've run Dragonflyvans, I've never had a van look so disrespected on its return. Again, I need remind you, this van only saw 28 miles! HA. The mileage issue, in addition to this return condition, is why I bothered showing this.


We maintain our vans like they are are our children, and in way they are. They are our investment for our family and our future and for those who might want to use this kind of vehicle in the future. We spend a LOT of money on insurance every year to operate these classic vehicles.  Remember they don't have anti-lock brakes, airbags, or any modern safety equipment, etc. It's not easy or cheap to do what we do, so please consider what your goals are before you rent from us.  ,Lastly, when you look over the media (pics and video) we have posted, you will see vans that are plenty dirty. These van were used on guided tours that were led by Dragonflyvans. Tours allow you latitude, due to the fact that the owner is calling the shots as far as were we go and how the vans are being used. 

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