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You must read and agree to everything below prior to renting a Dragonflyvan.

Our goal at Dragonflyvans is simple: Provide a unique, road trip and travel experience in a low-carbon footprint vehicle perfectly designed to get you and yours to the camp spots in the most comfortable and stylish way.


Beyond your basic personal belongings, e.g., binoculars, fishing gear, hiking boots and gear, you need only bring your imagination and desire to see and enjoy the Great Outdoors here in the Northern Rockies.



Guidelines for rentals

Because of their unique value ( $42,000.00 as per the NADA classic car value guide 2018 ), history, and the tender-love-and-care they sometimes require, here are some general guidelines that govern our renting these classic vans to adventure travelers:  


1. Vans can be rented for use only in the Glacier Nat. Park, Waterton Park (Canada), and the Northern Rockies surrounding the MIssoula area. From Missoula East to Bozeman, West to Spokane, or basically a 3-hour drive range from Missoula. Unless we reach an agreement to areas outside of said location. Yellowstone is not within our service range for 2017, unless you area  return client. In 2018 Dragonflyvans will be conducting "loosely" guided trips to Yellowstone the 2nd Week in Sept.  We feel this time period is the best time of visit as the hoards of tourist have gone home with ample campsites avail and the turning of the colors.  There will also be cost breaks due to the nature of the group-like event. We feel this is the future of Dragonflyvans with a very special, safe, and managed kind of tour.

2. Vans are not available for cross-country excursions or travel to Alaska. That’s right, you cannot take a Dragonflyvan from Missoula, MT, to Burning Man, Anchorage, Baja, or anywhere outside of our specified service range. In addition, please be aware we have on-board tracking devices that allow us to review where you have been during your travels in our vans. Mileage is limited to 125 miles per day. We allow 5 miles "total" of gravel road use over the course of any rental period regardless of number of days rented. These rules can vary depending on "guided group event" status as in group events have guides making judgements on road conditions. Every mile over the allotted mileage will be charged $.50 per pavement mile, $1.50 per gravel road mile. As there are major cell-service limitations here in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, we need to try and be reasonable about how and where are vans are being used. Again, we use these devices to review your travels after the van has been returned. It is a safety feature for both our customers and Dragonflyvans.


3. Vans can be rented for only 2 weeks at a time. If you care to have more time in the van we can arrange something, but we prefer 2 weeks max.


4. Because we know that a hot shower and motel room are a desirable respite from camping, we provide a $50 per night reimbursement option for those nights you chose to spend in a motel or hotel room. Limited to 1 night per 7-day rental, or 2 nights per 14-day rental. Just bring us the receipt.


5. Dragonflyvans will not be responsible for the costs associated with any loss or damage to equipment, fixtures and fittings, windows, tires, loss of keys(this includes windshield rock dings and headlamp dings),  or any negligent damage to the vehicle including dead batteries due to operator error. Should these damages exceed $1,500, or the total of the damage deposit, and include any lost income due to the van inability to be rented,the renter will be liable for the all costs above $1,500. This difference will need to be settled within 7 days of returning the Dragonflyvans Camper. Let's keep these vans nice and clean for our future customers.




All bookings require $300 deposit per van on the date the reservation is made. At the time of payment, another $1200 isrequired. This $1,500 acts as your damage deposit and will be completely refunded at the time of return, and after the return inspection.,(Note: These vehicles are increasingly rare [see values here] and not easy to repair or replace, so our after-rental damage inspections are thorough).




Cancellations made prior to 30 days before your departure date will be charged 50% of the $300 deposit ($150). Cancellations made under 30 days from your departure date will be charged the entire deposit ($300).



Payment in full is due one week before departing the Missoula International Airport in one of our Westfalias. Prior to your arrival you will receive a copy of your receipt and request for payment via email. Having this done ahead of time makes for a better transition from airplane to Camper. Payment must be in US currency by MasterCard, Visa, or Discover prior to arrival in Missoula. There is no refund for early return or late pick up.

Vehicle pick-up and return

All vans are located at Missoula International Airport steps from the departure gates and must be both picked up and returned to the same location – no exceptions. We will arrange with you a time to meet there between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (seven days a week, including holidays), to pick up the van. We will sign the paperwork and do a quick review of the vehicle and answer any questions you may have about our Orientation Video that you watched prior to arriving. Vans must be picked up only by the person or persons who made the reservation and for whom insurance policy number and info are listed on the departure document. A convenience surcharge of $20-$100, depending on time, will be charged if you need to pickup or drop off your van outside our business hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Please plan your flights, etc. accordingly.



Driver Qualifications/Insurance Information

All drivers must be 25 years or older. All drivers must have a valid United States or International driver license. All drivers must be insured with a private insurance company with full coverage including comprehensive, liability, collision, theft, and uninsured motorist.  It is your responsibility to contact your insurance carrier and check that your plan covers and carries over onto our vans: 1986-1987 Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon. They are not considered RVs as they do NOT have "on board" propane, gray-water storage, refrigerators, or freshwater storage. They are not considered a "Self Contained RV" to the national parks which allows you a proper campsite and not regulated to a RV slip. Our Campers are valued at $42k.

Contact between Dragonflyvans and your carrier will need to made before bookings can be confirmed. In addition you must be insured with Dragonflyvans per its policies. Dragonflyvans has a short form to fill out once you have arrived on-site and before you start your adventure. This form is printed in triplicate and shows your insurance carrier and policy number, your contact information and driver license number, as well as our rules and policies while you are in our van. (We often try to procure this information via email, as it facilitates a smooth transition into the vans for weary travelers.) Renter will be responsible for any and all legal penalties during their time in our van. These including traffic infractions, parking tickets, moving violations, towing bills due to improper parking, etc.

Travel Restrictions

As noted, Dragonflyvans has a limited operating range. From our base in Missoula, MT, you are able to go east to Bozeman, MT, west to Coeur d'Alene, ID, south to Hells Canyon, and north into Canada, when agreed to by Dragonflyvans. Vans are NOT available for cross-country excursions, trips to Burning Man, travel to Alaska, or one-way rentals.




If you leave our designated area of operations or are deep in the backwoods exceeding our "Gravel Road" allotted mileage, and have van trouble requiring rescue or towing, your entire deposit will be forfeited to cover associated expenses and you will be responsible for any towing costs or additional car rentals or other transportation or repair expenses.  Again,  we do have tracking system on board our vans and are evaluated after the van has been returned.



Return Condition

All Dragonflyvans are full of 91 octane gas,  (top grade) at time you pick up the van. Please return the vans on "Full." Should the van be return not "Full," a charge of $25 plus gas will be added to the end charges. A floor brush comes with your van to keep it tidy. We recommend you use it and, because "clean space is bigger than dirty space" when camping, we recommend using the brush regularly. Should the van be returned un-swept, with trash or pop cans or other debris in evidence of misuse or neglect, a $150 cleaning fee will be charged. We have some very dusty roads here in the Northern Rockies – roads we think you will love to travel and explore. We know you cannot keep the dust off of, or out of, the vans. No worries, we “get it” about the dust and dirt and mud puddles. However we can recognize the difference between regular use and neglect. Should a van come back with obvious signs of many many miles of off roading/gravel roads, we will need to make adjustments to the damage deposit.


Lastly, because we love our vans, abuse and neglect of them is not tolerated and the results are usually obvious. So, if a van is returned that appears to have been abused, all cleaning and restoration costs will be born by the renter and the fee charged for this work will be at our discretion. A customer from the 2011 season was "kind" enough to provide me with what is a NOT ACCEPTABLE return condition. Click here for the details and photos.

Lastly,  tell us everything.  Being open, honest and forthright about accidents is the best policy for everyone.



Missing/Damaged Items

We have needed to become much more strict about missing items, i.e. (stereo remotes, flashlights, etc.), broken windshields, dents (body paint damage), and accidents (spills, stains, etc.). Yes, the vans are rentals, but they are not modern cars, replaceable, or easy to fix or find parts for. Adjustments are made after the van has been returned and will show up in an adjusted damage deposit return. Note: It speaks volumes if you exercise full disclosure in terms damage or missing parts. When things go unsaid we have to speculate, and we won't entertain explanation after the fact so please pay close attention to how the vehicle was delivered and how it was returned. We recognize this is a bit "harsh" however you need to remember what these classic campers, are valued at ($30k+), they don't make them anymore, and they have a very special quality to the "what and how" they do what they do. We wouldn't be here if they were not that special.

All damages to the van, including windshield glass chips, dings, headlamps, etc., are the renter's responsibility. Rock chips to the windshield and headlights, if they can be repaired, will be repaired at the expense of the renter. Should the rock chip be in the driver's field of vision while driving, the windshield will need to be replaced at the renter's expense. Chips too large to repair or cracks in the windshield will require replacement of the windshield, at the renter's expense. Non-repairable damage to one or both headlights will cause it (them) to be replaced at the renter's expense as well. You may want to ask your insurance company about your coverage for such damage.



Dragonflyvans' Responsibility

Important: Dragonflyvans' only job is to provide rental vans and camping equipment to its customers. It is not responsible for travel accommodations and/or transportation, whether by airplane, motor car, or any other means to and from our location of business (Missoula International Airport). Therefore, we are not responsible for any damages or expenses or inconvenience caused by late train or airplane arrivals or departures, or for any change of schedule or other condition. Further, we are not responsible for any loss, injury or damage to person or property from any cause whatsoever as it is related to travel to and from our place of business. Dragonflyvans is not responsible for any penalties incurred through the purchase of non-refundable airline tickets. On advance of deposit, the depositor agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions stated herein. Prices are subject to change without notice.




We do our best to provide Dragonflyvans' renters with quality transportation to and from their destinations of choice. However, while in top mechanical condition, our vans are almost 30 years old and you may experience a performance failure while on your trip. In this event, we will initiate a rescue of you and your party, and see to it that you have a replacement van if one is available. Replacement and rescue van options are only available within a 100 miles radius of Dragonflyvans in Missoula, MT. If a replacement van is not available, we will work with you to make other arrangement to your satisfaction. If you find yourselves in a van-failure situation, and are outside our specified service radius, it is your responsibility to get the van to a professional automotive-repair facility where it is safe and sound. Dragonflyvans will reimburse you whatever costs were necessary to get the van to a safe repair location. At this point, and the van is not able to be repaired in a quick fashion, Dragonflyvans will reimburse you for the remaining days in our contract, and day-of failure. The van will then become Dragonflyvans' responsibility and the customer will need to make arrangements for themselves to finish out their trip. It is important that, you, the consumer/renter, understand that when you are operating a Dragonflyvan the van is your responsibility in every way, under any and all circumstances, until the van is returned safely to us, or is safely in a professional repair facility.



The Last Word

We reserve the right to cancel a rental agreement in the event of circumstances beyond our control including, but not limited to, extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, or other unforeseen emergency situations that would make travel impossible or unsafe. If a rental agreement is cancelled, a full refund will be given. This refund is limited to the amount actually paid to Dragonflyvans. We also reserve the right to turn away potential clients on arrival. Due to the nature of the vehicles we rent, their increasing value, classic status, and irreplaceable nature, we make 'gut decisions' on who we want in our vans. If you are found incompetent to operate the Westfalia camper equipment, change a tire, or generally not capable of handling a potential vehicle-failure situation, etc., and/or appear to be someone that does not have Dragonflyvans' best interests at heart, we will exercise this rule and the customer will need to make other plans.

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