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Our Campers are located right at the Missoula Airport for your convenience – only steps from the terminal. We do not operate like a hotel or rental car agency as our Campers require a great deal of prep to make ready between each rental. We don't suspect renting a $25,000 irreplaceable classic Volkswagen camper is for everybody,  just those who recognize the value of a unique and memorable adventure. Our prices reflect our clients evaluations upon return, type and kind of experience made available via a "mobile hotel room" and the short peak season we have in the paradise that we refer to as the Rocky Mountains of Montana.

Westfalia Van Rentals in Montana
Westfalia Van Rentals in Montana
Westfalia Van Rentals in Montana
Westfalia Van Rentals in Montana

• Refurbished, customized 1986-87 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia Wolfsburg Edition Weekenders. These classic vans turn heads and quick start conversations. At 20-miles-per-gallon getting to and from your camping spot could not be more fun or ecologically responsible.  Not to mention the freedom of campsites as you're not an RV.


• Chairs, E-Z ups, recycling collection containers, BBQs, cooking equipment, etc. Don’t waste money buying camping gear when we provide it all. We will help you pack it in and pack it out. In addition, our sleep-gear package includes sheets, pillows, sleeping bags and polar fleece liner (bag) that are all professionally cleaned. You, literally, only need to bring you clothes.


• Top-of-the-line Coleman™ cooking grills – these grills are the finest made by the Coleman Company and have been personally tested by Dragonfly staff in the backcountry of Baja, Mexico, along our West Coast on surf missions, and in Alaska. These grills make outdoor cooking and grilling a snap. Better than a full Westfalia camper and better than a campfire. You will actually be able to make a meal worth remembering using our equipment. We’ll supply the heat and utensils while you pick up your menu on your way out of city.


• Stainless teapot with French press – for brewing some of our finest local coffees. No camping experience would be complete without these tools. To make sure your coffee turns out just right every time, this easy-to-operate coffee making set-up is included in your package.


• All Campers come equipped with high-end stereos that are are iPod™-compatible (along with the cable to connect it), as well as sub woofers. A road trip without proper tunes is a failure. Enjoy music with your friends or bring a guitar for the campfire crowd. We know music and camping go together, so bring your tunes.


• Classic Coleman™ coolers – each van comes equipped with a 54-quart classic stainless steel Coleman cooler in which to keep your perishables.


• Kayaking? Canoeing? Mountain biking? Fly fishing? Rock climbing? Bird watching? You name your outdoor sport and we provide you the tools necessary to get your toys into the Great Outdoors. All Dragonflyvans come equipped with racks and 2-inch trailer hitch receivers to safely get your personal gear to your destination.


• Mechanic on duty – these vintage Westfalia Weekender vans all have 100,000+ miles on them, so their carbon footprint has been paid in full. They do not come equipped with modern automotive features like air bags, power windows, or anti-lock breaking systems –  remember they are almost 30 years old, CLASSICS. While easy to drive, some do not have power steering. To ensure that you not only get to the National Park, mountain, or trout stream, and back, we provide on-site solutions should your van break down (so long as you stay within the agreed-to driving distances – see terms and conditions).


• Renter orientation program – because these vans need a bit orientation in operations, we provide both a video tutorial and explain what you will need to know about how to drive them safely and competently, as well as how to operate the camping equipment.

Westfalia Van Rentals in Montana
'FULL VAN' RENTAL – $1950/week

The whole enchilada, which is everthing you'll need for two people. I've spent years testing and choosing the best cooking, sleeping, camping and comfort gear for inclusion in this Full-Van package.

Click here for a full list of what's incuded with the Full Van.


'BASE VAN' RENTAL - $1550/week

 Just the van, ma'am. We now offer a stripped-down van rental designed for local folks who already have all the gear they'll need for a week-long adventure.


Click here for a full list of what's included with the Base Van.

  W e s t e r n    M o n t a n a

W e s t f a l i a   V a n   R e n t a l s

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